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41 #Daeshbags killed Kobane County

People’s Protection Units killed 41 of mercenaries Daash in Kobanî County, and was able to grab as many military weapons and ammunition, as well as on the impact of the body of 12 units in the hands of a mercenary protection.

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Kobani – now facing another difficult battle

Erbil, Asharq Al-Awsat—After four months of incessant fighting, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has finally been driven out of Kobani, but with much of the Syrian border town … Continue reading

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INSIDE KOBANI 25 min Video on Front lines

I love this video! Always great to see the Brave Kurds who seem to be the only people fighting ISIS. What we need now is western backing for the Kurds. … Continue reading

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Kessab churches burned and graves destroyed

By Ruth Sherlock 11:54AM GMT 04 Jan 2015 Syrian insurgents once claimed to be protecting ancient churches in the historical Armenian village of Kessab, but the reality was rather different … Continue reading

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“The resiliency of the opposition stems largely from”

“The resiliency of the opposition stems largely from its decentralization.  Rebel support and attack zones have created multiple centers of gravity for the opposition, thus diversifying the risk of systemic … Continue reading

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Syria Update: December 23-30, 2014 PDF download Data

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We need to push or Nations to back Kobani, as Turkey has not, and will not.

We need somehow to wake up the western nations enough for them to realize….. Turkey does not care if Kobani falls, and in fact they rather hope it does. Most … Continue reading

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