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Brookings Institute Iran nuclear talks yield a milestone agreement — but the deal is not yet done

For days, the world’s attention remained trained on the talks in Lausanne, Switzerland, where representatives from Tehran, Washington, the European Union, and five other world powers met in sessions that dragged late into the night — and sometimes well into the following morning. Their endurance was a reflection of the political stakes. As I wrote earlier this week, the March 31 “target date for achieving a political framework was meant to be a soft deadline — a deliberately low hurdle that both sides would use to reassure their impatient domestic critics that a comprehensive deal was, in fact, achievable. But those same partisan pressures — amplified by escalating regional unrest — conspired to transform this purported ‘soft deadline’ into a moment of truth for the tortuous process and, by extension, for the Obama administration’s Middle East policy.”

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The Drone Wars in Iraq and Syria

Originally posted on How to Fight ISIS Online:
by Ian Bach   3-21-15 The Wars in Iraq and Syria have been the first Wars that the enemy is also using…

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Iranian Jets in Syria

The first of these new Su-22s was spotted while bombing the town of Talbeesa, Homs Governorate, on the 9th of March 2015. The title of the video claims ”New type of warplanes bombing Talbeesa in Homs”. The aircraft donned a new camouflage scheme that appears to have been applied recently, and although it has not been seen on Syrian Su-22s in the past, it bears some resemblance to that of the SyAAF’s overhauled L-39s.

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Iran’s Drones Insights

The story of Iran’s drone development isn’t the underdog tale of scrappy Iranian engineers scrambling to catch up with the United States, as the Guards so often claim. Instead, it’s the story of Iran’s military prudently developing UAVs that are just good enough—and progressively improving successful designs.

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Kurdish Tribal Confederacies (Clans) in Kurdistan Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Iran, & Georgia


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Hezbollah and Syrian army take new ground near Israeli border

OPERATION AGAINST REBEL-FOOTHOLD OF SOUTHERN SYRIA WAS SPEARHEADED BY LEBANESE MILITIA, MONITOR SAYS. Hezbollah fighters hold their party flags, as they parade during a rally to mark the 13th day … Continue reading

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Map of Kurdish Populations throughout Syria Iraq Iran and Turkey

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