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The Last Interview with Ahmad Shah Masood

Hoja Bahauddin, early August, 2001 conducted by Piotr Balcerowicz The interview – apparently the last one given by Ahmad Shah Masood, the famous ‘Lion of Panjsheer”, before his assasination on … Continue reading

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The Threat Posed by Islamic State ISIS – Dr. David Kilcullen Aussie Counterinsurgency Expert

David Kilcullen: It’s different in three major ways. Firstly, it is much bigger and more militarily capable than al-Qaida ever was. It has tanks, it has helicopters, it’s got very … Continue reading

June 5, 2015 · 1 Comment

Ramadi = Evidence Iraq Needs to Develope Rapid deployment force

by Ian Bach June 5, 2015 Quick Reaction Force ww2 A couple months ago News Orgs were reporting G2 involved in Iraq strategy to retake Mosul – outlining the units … Continue reading

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Afghan troops attacked by Taliban insurgents around northern city of Kunduz (DW

Security consultation

The Afghan president delayed his official trip to India by a few hours Monday to hold an emergency meeting with the NATO commander in Afghanistan and top Afghan security officials.

Presidential spokesman Ajmal Obidy said President Ashraf Ghani left for India late Monday afternoon, after he met with NATO’s US General John Campbell. Campbell said the NATO coalition and the Afghan government were working to prevent IS from sending weapons or fighters to Afghanistan.

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Insights about Media/News Sources in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan

TV is the primary source of news in the country with more than nine in 10 (92.1%) adults saying they watch TV news at least weekly. Friends and family is the only other source from which a majority of Iraqis (72.6%) get news weekly or more. About one-third get news from the Internet, social networking sites and text messages at least weekly, while only about one in five Iraqis gets news from radio or print media that often. While the three most popular TV stations nationally in terms of past-week reach are Al Iraqiya (68.8%), Al Sharqiya (65.2%), and Al Sumeria (58.1%), politics and

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Kashmir is highly contested territory. Most people know it as a great mountaineering location. My view why is it so fought over? Simple…….. Water…….. This is a place known as … Continue reading

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FSA group Hazzm disbands US TOW missiles now in Jihadists hands

Originally posted on Counter Insurgency & Counter Terrorism :
U.S.-backed Syria rebel group dissolves itself after losses Western-backed rebel group announced on Sunday that it had dissolved itself and joined a…

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