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Al-Qaida fighter turned MI6 spy urges effort to ‘confuse’ Islamic State

How to Fight ISIS Online

Aimen Dean is an unusual example of a poacher turned gamekeeper. The talkative Bahraini is sought after for his understanding of the Islamic State, now expanding across Syria and Iraq in a campaign the US has warned could take decades to defeat. Dean’s insights are based on his own experience as an al-Qaida terrorist – but one who underwent a crisis of conscience and changed tack to spy for British intelligence.

With his neat haircut, dark suit and gold-rimmed glasses, Dean – not his real name – looked at ease amongst the academics and security policy wonks debating strategies for countering violent extremism at a conference in Qatar this week. But his years in the jihadi world – and his extraordinary journey out of it – inform his view of how to combat Isis, which is attracting thousands of young Muslimsfrom across the world to its “Caliphate” in…

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I find and watch ISIS web sites and memebrs on social media. We then report these to servers/hosts and to #OpISIS #CtrlSec #OpIceIsis

One comment on “Al-Qaida fighter turned MI6 spy urges effort to ‘confuse’ Islamic State

  1. alakhtal
    June 9, 2015

    Shave your legs. Lube your tailgate, bendover Aimen Dean and show me a Mugshot of you posing with some al Qaida Operatives to take you seriously. Congrats Aimen Dean you made it. BBC is filling headlines with Looosers to harvest sponsors. BBC is a Bankrupt Liberal Mediawhore and suffering from McCollough effect from SKY, CNN, FOX and MSNBC. She’s struggling to beat Aljazeera’s greasy hookers down here.
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