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Member of YPG Military Council Sozdar Derik on Liberation of Mabruka

Personal Website of Mutlu Civiroglu


Can you tell us about the operation for liberating the town of Mabruka from ISIS? What is the strategic importance of the town?

May the liberation of the Mabruka town, Mount Kezwan (Abdulaziz), Tal Temir surroundings and the Habur line leading to Hasaka be blessed to all the world peoples and the Kurdish, Arab and Syriac peoples living in the region. The operation to liberate the western side of the Cezire Canton has ended up with a great success. The town is a strategic point with regards to housing a diversity of peoples in the region and being located between Hasaka, Serekaniye, Tal Abyad and Raqqa. The Kurdish and Arab areas are connected to each other over Mabruka. This town where heavy clashes took place and many fighters of ours were martyred had been a wound in us. The liberation of the town is a holy headway for us.


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