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Ghost Sec Speaks with “24′ News Group

How to Fight ISIS Online

The Electronic battle against al Daash terrorist is open to everyone to participate and unleash the campaigns capabilities. It is able to clamp down on the media arm of ISIS and their propaganda, Among the groups that is fighting this war, 24 managed to get access to “Ghost Security Group” also known as “Ghost Sec,” which declares the ideas openly about their fight with the terrorist organization on the Internet.

24 talked with one of the activists in this group, who refused to give his name for security imperatives. Can you tell us about the group that today stands behind “Daash process” electronic which Otalegtamoha? At the outset, it must be noted that, despite the fact that our name. ” Ghost Security “but it can not be completely separated from the group” Anonymous “piracy known for good in the world. However, this group formed for one purpose, which is…

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