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Operation Mop Up ISIS 4.6 – English

Taking down ISIS Web Sites is like shooting Fish in a barrel

There is so many targets out there right now on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Sendvid all are flooded with ISIS users and Propaganda. You can help and you do not even need to be a Hacker to Shut Down ISIS Web Sites !!

Most of the Web sites, all we have to do is report the User to the Host (like twitter, Facebook, Etc.) and they will Suspend or Shutdown the User / ISIS account.

Most of the Web sites you find, will be wannabees, or people who are into ISIS but not active on the ground. When you find ones that look to truly be in the fight, spreading Propaganda, planning to join ISIS, or recruitment, planning attacks, etc. that’s a big win and we want to help give you the tools to know how to notify the right authorities. If you wish to remain Anonymous we can contact the Feds or Other Gov Agencies for you. Your info will always be anonymous. We do not save any info except Targets Links, unless requested.

The very bad sites with beheadings etc will normally go down in one (1) day. Other sites do not go down fast, they need to be observed. This may take as long as a Month. I saw one case in Australia took almost 3 months.

Here is what to do:

Do you want to report known targets? or do you want to find new Targets, and look for Actionable Intel? to Join Operation Mop Up ISIS Email us at 86.all.isis@gmail.com

Whats is Needed – Any Twitter account can be used, even with no virus protection. If you do not click on the bad guys links ,do not interact via Tweets, replies. favs, retweets, or direct message any Bad Guys. But we do always recommend have anti virus, VPN and firewall and do not click on bad guys links EVER !!

How to Find Targets to Report – Find Targets by using the search function in Twitter, Type various Hashtags like #MUI_United.
Then you can view the various ISIS targets. Review the target make, sure it is a legit ISIS Target. be sure to look around, check who they follow, the first 25 at bottom of the List for Followers & Following. These are most likely their closest & first contacts.

When you find actionable intelligence.
Includes ISIS recruiters, Bomb threats, etc.
Here is the Link to report to FBI
If you know what country they are in if other than USA also report to that countries Intelligence services Foreign Intelligence Services to Report Daeshbags
Our Operations use:

#MUI_United #MopUpISIS #Daesh #daeshbags

Other Operations use:

#IceISIS #AntiISIS #Targets #No2ISIS

Before you begin Hunting you have to Learn how to be safe when online.
If you can use a Linux computer that is the safest way to be online.

But no matter what computer, device, or browser you are using, be sure to get a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Use a VPN Virtual Private Network ZenMate is a free one. Do not click on Web Sites Unless you know it is reliable, don’t add add-ons or extensions unless you check out reviews and trust the provider, use Avast anti-virus, malwarebytes, and scan for Bots, don’t click-on or download pictures unless you are sure it is from your real friends and safe. Some can contain tracking info. Also use separate browsers one for normal stuff one for fighting ISIS. or even 3 or 4 different browsers. ZenMate works on Firefox, Chrome, and Opera browsers.

Make a New Twitter or Facebook account (Twitter is the main site ISIS uses) Do not friend your grandmother or something, be sure it is friends who are ok with you fighting ISIS, or who may be potential ISIS hunters, there is many nice people fighting ISIS you can join. Feel free to friend other people who are fighting ISIS, these will be a great asset and they can help show you the ropes, and all the ISIS sites they find. I recommend new hunters start out just doing reporting and re-Tweeting of targets.

Here is an Example of a Tweet from @MopUpISIS with #MUI_United Hashtags

sample targets

After you have reported targets for a while you should get idea of what the enemy targets look like and how to find them. Be sure to speak up and others will help you learn all kinds of things.

SECRET – SILENT METHOD – Direct Messaging

You can form a DM group of friends or join an existing Direct Message (DM) Group and all you need is a few if you each have several accounts. Each person reports targets they find to the group and group members report theirs and other members targets.

VISIBLE METHOD – Tweeting Targets

You can Tweet it and use @Usernames(from above) & Hashtags like #OpISIS #IceISIS #targets #MopUpISIS

If you Tweet it ( a less visible to target method is )

You can take a picture of the user ID violation and details. (screen shot cut & paste)

Then use the text area of tweet to make hashtags #OpISIS #MopUpISIS #Targets

Individual user IDs you can report anonymously at: http://ghostsec.org/

Direct Threats Attack planing bombs, recruitment, material support, etc

To report Users talking about wanting to set up a bombing or other terrorist event these need to be tracked by professionals

Use hastags #MOpUPISIS #OpISIS #GhostSec #IceISIS #targets for this type that need tracked please include these as well @CIA @FBI Report these type accounts and tweets ASAP.. Try make your report short and concise. 2 to 5 sentences should be sufficient. Make sure you are polite and also make sure to list is this a known ISIS member a Wanabee or ? also is this user ID likely to have actionable intel and what type? how likely will it have actionable intel? Be sure to include a link to the actual tweet, not just the users page. So if they have a tweet talking about making a bomb = right click on the time of Post (that has the link to the actual post) click on “Copy Link Address”

Violations of twitter agreement

That includes harassment, beheadings, terrorist speech, porn, & other abuses. Include in your report or tweet the type of violation,


Additional Info for Hunters and Fighters – by MopUpISIS

Epilogue – I want to address the most common responses we see to ISIS propaganda is anti Muslim posts, comments, etc. This however is not addressing the problem in a manner that helps us fight propaganda. By posting anti Muslim comments etc this further alienates Muslims especially in Western Countries were they are a minority. ISIS and al-Qaeda have a game plan and it does involve making non-Muslims fear or hate all Muslims. This gives the enemy a larger pool of people to recruit from to serve their militant urges. By comment on #ISIS Tweets, Blogs, Posts, etc. you open yourself and your friend list up for retaliation and harassment.


I would like to point out that we recommend making a 2ndry online ID to use for fighting ISIS online. Make sure it does not give away info or pictures about yourself. Also when you see a post or comment made by Jihadists do not respond to their comments. If you do want to be part of the Harass ISIS campaigns like #OpISIS #OpIceISIS #Targets

I recommend simply copy paste the various examples we will give you. I am going to be making various Links to Cartoons, Text, and Pictures to post onto ISIS sites and #hashtags. If you chat with a jihadists you will only get mad and have a bad day. It is much better to take the high-ground and properly address jihadists comments, Bogs Pictures Videos Etc, by reporting harassing comments, photos of beheading,, hangings crucifixions etc. these are all things that most Web services like Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Twitter etc. Therefore it is relatively easy to create a very bad day for many many ISIS and ISIS wannabees accounts online.

MAIN fight is – Report ISIS harassment, ISIS web sites (accounts), and ISIS wannabee’s web sites.
This phase is also to report Harassment by ISIS and their followers. they often are dumb enough to tweet things in comments / replies like “Nice photo it will look even better when I cut your head off with my Knife” This makes it easy to ban, suspend, and even delete their accounts.

What type of web sites should we report? A. ISIS Blogs, Pictures, Video,s Etc, photos of beheading,, hangings crucifixions, etc…….. these are all things that most Web services like Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Twitter etc. Therefore it is relatively easy to create a very bad day for many many ISIS and ISIS wannabees accounts online.
If you are on Twitter YouTube or other social media
Be sure to report bad targets there as wlel to theHost/Server like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook Etc.

(If you locate a Islamic State account report it and Block it and encourage your friends to also report and block it, The more who do so, the more likely the web site will be closed down.)

What should my Twitter hunter account look like?
We recommend you consider that the more followers you have and close friends the more will rpeort on targets that you tweet. So it maybe best to think of a hobby or other thing you know well and tailor your accounts to fit that, and to find more followers and friends.

If on YouTube, Blogger, +Gplus, yahoo….etc.
Then you should contact the Host (i.e. Yahoo, YouTube, etc.) Use the report abuse button or other contact they recommend.

FBI IC3 http://www.ic3.gov/complaint/default.aspx (IC3 FAQ)
If it is a Fake U.S. military ID then you can also report it to FBI IC3 (internet crimes division) You can also contact FBI IC3 if you get riped-off online via any kind of scam. Be sure to keep your report to 1 – 2 short sentences. Make it clear and concise like “this uses appears to be a Fake US military ID. (then a short sentence why you think it is fake. Most of these are brought to my attention by friends or family of US military troops accounts, that are being harassed by people with fake IDs.

Report Potential Terrorists Web sites or accounts to FBI
If it is a terrorist web sites and Fake U.S. military IDs. Report it to FBI as well as the Server – Contact your local FBI field office or closest international office. To report suspicious activity involving chemical, biological, or radiological materials, call (toll-free): 855-TELL-FBI or 855-835-5324. Report an online scam or e-mail hoax by filing a complaint online with our Internet Crime Complaint Center or by using our online Tips and Public Leads form

Moderate Difficulty – HARASS AND HOUND STRATEGIES – The next Big push is to Harass ISIS/ISIL
2.a. Point out the realities of what happens to people who join ISIS (or other al-Qaeda like groups)

Post comments, tweets, etc. that point out how the bad guys use most foreigners (esp western, and southeast Asia) as cannon fodder and suicide bombers. We will be making a page that helps and gives examples.

2.b. Post cartoons that depict makes fun of ISIS

Be sure to remember we do not want to make a potential ISIS follower decide because you pissed them off now they gonna go Join ISIS. So be almost polite about how you do it. Comedy also seems to work good.

2.c. Post quranic verses that contradict ISIS Wahabbi, Jihadi, Salafi teachings.

I haven’t had a chance to work on this one yet please check back soon. If you have some examples to share please do. Thanks

Experts Only – Denial of Service Attacks on ISIS / ISILTwitter – Flood #IslamicStateMedia – this can disrupt their tweets and result in downtime for the bad guys This is a much more aggressive approach to fighting ISIS/ISIL will include having groups of people to flood the ISIS hashtags like #IslamicStateMedia @IslamicStateMedia. During the flood attack sessions we recommend those doing it favorite and re-tweets all the tweets that are countering the enemy’s propaganda.
Experts Only – Seek and track movements and chat on Jihadi and ISIS web sites / forums, chats.
This is the most aggressive of ways to attack ISIS online. Only persons well trained in internet security and using secure methods (like using accounts designate for only fighting ISIS – DO NOT use your normal profile names images etc) . Here is a link to a Mom who did this in her off hours, and she is one of the very successful terrorist hunters in chat rooms.

Create a ISIS Target List
You create your own data base

Use WinPad or NotePad or basic word doc program.

Columns should include at least:

User ID # or Link with user ID Violation Details Profile Photo Targets 1st 25 Friends

How to find someone’s User ID?


Then paste the text to pastebin http://pastebin.com/ or use



Edit – Additions July 4th 2015


We are looking for people who want to Hunt & Report ISIS web Sites. on Twitter, Facebook, & other

If you would like to join Operation Mop Up ISIS email us at 86.all.isis@gmail.com or DM @OpMopUpISIS

We need people who will report targets we find, Hunt for new targets, or intel on known targets.

We also need people who want to help Translate, Educate, Counter Enemy Propaganda, find the Hashtags they use, track their IPs and much more.

Operation Mop Up ISIS on Facebook – (click here)

On Facebook we use the Hash Tags #IceISIS #OpISIS #MUI_United

Fighters from Anonymous review these hashtags and shut em down.

About opmopupisis

I find and watch ISIS web sites and memebrs on social media. We then report these to servers/hosts and to #OpISIS #CtrlSec #OpIceIsis

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  2. Haajji Ibn on Al cohol
    July 29, 2015

    any tips for permanent removal of their crap posted on archive.org and google drive ? I’ve reported hundreds of video’s but they don’t get removed….


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