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“Hacktivist” Jeremy Hammond” on FBI on a Terrorism Watchlist

How to Fight ISIS Online

Ian Bach –

Well I know a lot of anonymous that are almost militant when a fellow member is put in jail etc.
But We need to know the facts. If this person did unethical hacking then perhaps

He May deserve the sentence. but as Usual in USA the sentence is always overboard.
and there will be no rehabilitation, education, or other
He will likely tell others in the jail, he ends up in how to hack
So maybe the Gov Orgs Courts need to rethink, or think, things a little?


– By the Guardian – Click here for Original article
The prominent Anonymous “hacktivist” Jeremy Hammond, who participated in some of the hacking collective’s most audacious cyber acts, was placed by the FBI on a terrorism watchlist, the Daily Dot reported on Monday.

The internet news website obtained a leaked document from the New York state division of…

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This entry was posted on April 13, 2015 by in Syria.
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