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Additional Info on our How you can help fight ISIS online

OpMopUpISIS describes new plans

By OpMopUpISIS & Shir Panjshir

This is a simple how to instructions for average persons who want to help us fight ISIS online. Most the Web sites you find will be wannabees, or people who are into ISIS but not active on the ground. When you do find ones that look to truely be in the fight, or planing attacks etc. thats a big win and we want to help give you a place and friends who know how to handle the most extreme cases. Some of the worse sites do not go down right away. Often they need to be observed. Fake US military IDs, Fake NYC cop ID and a flew plots  in the Works are all things we helped shut down in 2007. Personally Shut down 3,000 web sites. About 30 of those the FBI IC3 and CIA were notified about. The rest the server/host shut down after we pointed out what it was on their websites.

So here is what to do:
Make a

How to Fight ISIS Online

Edit – Additions April 3rd 2015
We are looking for people who want to infiltrate ISIS ranks online in Twitter and Facebook. We want to find out the Hashtags they use for communication, We also track their IPs and in some cases we send the local Gov or the Kurds to go get em.

Or you can help us by finding and reporting #ISIS   accounts
It is easy just make a separate/new account on twitter (do not put normal friends in your friend list  or they target them) and use the following #Hashtags = #OpISIS#CtrlSec#OpIceISIS#OpISISMopUp
Include the person’s Account/Link you are reporting on
and brief detail like “Suspect ISIS”, #Beheadings#Daeshbags etc.
Here is an example:

☢ The Doctor ☢@iridium_black  ·  9m 9 minutes ago
https://twitter.com/_luluIS_  (new)
https://twitter.com/saddaa19999  *new)
https://twitter.com/okatoka7  (new)

On FaceBook use Hasghtag   #IceIisis#IceISIS
fighters from…

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