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FSA groups Anfaal and Syrian Revolutionaries Joins Syrian Army and gives them their U.S. TOW missles


Yarmouk Camp:  It is official, the entire terrorist group known as the Anfaal Brigades led by Abu Maazin Al-Rifaa’iy and some members of the Syrian Revolutionaries’ Front, have voluntarily given up all their arms (including the TOW launchers and rockets provided by the U.S.) to the security services in exchange for amnesty and the opportunity to serve in the Popular Defense Committees (a/k/a NDF).  The agreement took months to hammer out, but, essentially commits the government to several conditions: the first is acceptance into the Amnesty Program; the second is absorption of the Anfaal fighters into the PDC to protect the area of Al-Dhiyaabiyya, the home town of many members.  At the present time, the new volunteers will be garrisoned in Al-Husayniyya Residencies where they will receive training in communications and intelligence-gathering from the SAA.

The deal was struck at the Yarmouk refugee camp which is now a suburb of Damascus housing thousands of Palestinians from 1948 and 1967.  The group approached the agreement quite gingerly.  Only after an initial 7 fighters were turned over to the authorities did the rest, about 53, assent to the pact.  They wanted to make sure the government was serious and to insure they were not falling into a trap.


On the 52nd anniversary of the March 8th Revolution, the Minister of Defense and Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Armed Forces, Lt. General Fahd Jaassim Al-Furayj, brought a message of appreciation and pride to the officers, enlisted men, conscripts and defense militias in Southern Damascus Province.  He also conveyed to them the president’s heartfelt concern for their safety and his confidence in their abilities to annihilate the terrorist plague which has settled  temporarily in Syria.

On the same anniversary, Lt. General ‘Ali ‘Abdullah Ayyoob, Chief of the Syrian General Staff, inspected the armed forces which liberated the Al-Jadhal Gas Field in Homs Province conveying to them the same message of pride and confidence expressed by the Minister of Defense.



DER’AH:  So much action on the Jordanian border you’d think the pygmy king in Amman might be involved in trying to smuggle terrorists into Syria.

Taysiyya Town:  Near the Jordanian border, right under the eyes and noses of Jordanian troops (hints of Turkey), a sizeable infiltration took place.  Unfortunately for both Jordanians and the rats, the event also took place under the eyes and noses of the Syrian Arab Army which interpreted the actions to be hostile.  The SAA and SAAF opened fire on the rodents killing 15 and wounding scores who hied it back to Jordan for the usual incompetent medical treatment.

West Al-Ghaariyya:  A van carrying rodents was ordered to stop by PDC.  It wouldn’t.  The rats were pursued until they veered off the road.  A firefight ensued and these carcasses were identified:

Bilaal Mahmoud Mahsoob

‘Abdul-Lateef Kallaas

The other 3 could not be identified and had features and literature on their person indicating North African origin.

Al-Suhayliyya Village:  A bulldozer and a pickup with 23mm cannon were destroyed after the SAA-MI had been conducting surveillance of the area for some time near Al-Shaykh Miskeen.  Once the order was given to attack the 2 vehicles, 5 rodents were killed.  I have no names.

Der’ah City:  These groups are now active in the city: Kateebat Madfa’iyyat Sijjeel, Kataa`ib Mujaahidiyy Hawraan, Liwaa` Tawheed Hawraan.  There are negotiations going on today similar to those that resulted in the surrender of the terrorists in the Yarmouk Camp.

Al-Jeeza Village:  After a period of monitoring this area, the MI reported the existence of a nest of rats on the Jordanian border.  The SAA attacked and killed 3 rodents wounding 8 who escaped to the “neighborly” country to the south.  Weapons and ammo were seized for use by our PDCs.

Samaad Village:  South of Busraa Al-Shaam.  SAA clashed with terrorists here and killed a reported 4.  Once again, weapons and ammo were confiscated for use by our PDCs in killing Wahhabists.

Jaassim:  It is now reported that over 570 rat terrorists have died in this town alone over the last 3 months.  Their carcasses are testimony to the losses.  They are all buried here and act as fertilizer for next year’s crops.

Fighting reported intense here: Zimreen, Simleen, Qarfaa Village, Saneena, Al-Tayha –Al-Maal Crossing, Kafr Naasij (warehouse destroyed), ‘Aqraba (warehouse), Al-Shaykh Miskeen (warehouse), Al-Faqee’, Ibta’.

 From the reports we are getting, it seems the SAA is focusing on finding the sources of arms in order to deny the rodents the instrumentalities of war.


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Independent Online Terrorist Hunter I teach people how to hunt down and shut down the Bad guys web sites. I also teach about the various countries and cultures. Like most cases it is a small group of bsd eggs that in this case call themselves Muslims but in actual fact they are more like how KKK call themselves ",True Christisians". But in both cases / groups they preach a perverted and twisted view a religion. In the case of ISIS, all Qaeda, al Nusra, and the rest of the terrorists who claim to be true Muslims most of these groups follow the Wahhabi teachings. They are almost all Sunni and their goal is global domination. Yet they must be very bad at math and history. Since most Muslims prefer a separation of church and state and also mist are against Shari's Law. Esp the twisted and overly exaggerated form of Sharia Law that the Wahhabi and other bad guys use. I have studied terrorism, insurgencies, and the best tried and proven methods that work to fight terrorism. My Blogs have many links and articles that can show you who are the best and most knowledgeable people in the fields or counterinsurgency and counter terrorism. When I find great practitioner's I always listen to them to find out who they learned from and who they respect and admire. Thus I am always learning new stuff from the best and most successful in their fields of knoeledge. I strive to be an open and ethical source of information, I have met many awesome, kind, caring, and loving wonderful people many who I am close friends with now from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Iran, and many from S.E. Asia which also has a high percent of their populations that are Muslim.We must always strive to be aware people are not any one particular religion via that's what they chose to be, instead most people are a particular religion because that's what their parents and/or county is. I was raised Catholic but because I became Interested in magic ,(illusion - smoke n mirrors) and science which lead me to study many religions, and I would call myself an atheist. Yet sometimes when I lose my keys ZI find myself praying "Hail Marys" and a few "Our Fathers" which most always aides me in finding my keys. My belief is that if I just frantically look around for my krys, good luck it takes me for ever. But by saying these prayers it is like s sort of meditation and my mind becomes more calm, which is why it helps my find my keys.

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