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Turkish Court ordered closure of all Websites that published revelations about a case involving illegal arms shipments by Turkish spy agency to opposition groups in Syria, including al-Qaeda

Gotta love Turkey’s stance on free speech: You can only say something if it doesn’t make the government look bad. Otherwise they will just block the internet and take down your website:

TODAY’S ZAMAN – Twitter and Facebook as well as many other websites face closure after anonymous accounts published new revelations about a case involving illegal arms shipments by Turkish spy agency to opposition groups in Syria, including al-Qaeda.

Documents were leaked on Twitter on Monday night by an anonymous Twitter user ‘LazepeM’ who claimed that the information came from General Staff and Gendarmerie investigations into the incident in which three Syria-bound trucks operated by the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) were halted in Turkey’s southern province Adana’s Ceyhan district province on Jan.19, 2014.

A Turkish court ordered the closure of all websites which published the proceedings, including social media networks Facebook and Twitter. However, media reports said, since Twitter has already suspended access to the account ‘LazepeM’ from Turkey, the ban may not be applied on Twitter globally.

Reports suggested that Turkish authorities are now waiting for the websites in question to delete content related to the proceedings. They will reportedly be closed down if they refuse to delete the content in question.
Erdoğan personally authorized arms shipment

The leaked military documents showed that the arms transport by three trucks was personally authorized by then prime minister and now President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

According to one document, then Adana Governor Hüseyin Avni Coş rushed to the scene when prosecutor Aziz Takçı ordered gendarmerie units to search and seize the three trucks, which were full of arms and ammunitions. The governor was quoted saying, “the trucks were moving under the orders of the Prime Minister [Erdoğan] and he would never allow any interference into these trucks, even if that costs him his life.”

Governor Coş also said Erdoğan told him that the government would push a new law through Parliament that would allow MİT to carry arms legally. Shortly after the raids on the trucks, the government-endorsed bill cleared Parliament, granting MİT staff broader immunities from legal prosecution and allowed clandestine activities to be conducted by the agency.

Another document indicated that Adana police chief Cengiz Zeybekçi, under orders from the governor, also came to the scene with more than 400 riot police and interfered into the work of Gendarmerie units who were conducting the search of the trucks under the order of the local prosecutor who was at the scene.

Back then, Erdoğan described the search of the trucks as “treason” and claimed that they were only transporting humanitarian aid to Turkmens in Syria. He also said that Syria-bound weapons did not originate from Turkey.


At this point I think everyone knows that Erdogan hates Assad and wants his Syrian government to fall. Which is why I think Turkey was so quick to put the kibosh on the leaks because it’s so believable that he would ship arms illegally to Syria. After all, Assad isn’t going to fall by himself.

Read more: http://therightscoop.com/turkey-responds-to-new-leaks-about-illegal-arms-shipments-to-syria-with-internet-ban/#ixzz3P9lQIHtB


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