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Another Western Effort doomed to be Syria’s thorn in the side.

So article below my little rant…..

Well here we go again. Why does the west do these things and then try to say they are not meddling in others Nations. So I just scanned/read this article but looks like to non government organizations want to get their dirty little hands into Syria. Best bet is some defense contractor or other unsavory characters are the funders and backers of these 2 USA non gov orgs. – Ian Bach

Nonviolent Peaceforce Receives Grant to Start Syria Project

By Mel Duncan, Nonviolent Peaceforce Director of Advocacy and Outreach

Syrian youth standing in the street. Taken by Mel Duncan

Syrian youth standing in the street. Taken by Mel Duncan

Nonviolent Peaceforce has some very exciting news to share. In December Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP) received notification of a grant from the European Union to commence a project in support of people in Syria affected by the crisis.

This exciting news comes to NP after almost two years of program exploration and development, training for local activists, and relationship building with Syrian civil society leaders and organizations.  The goal of the NP project is to strengthen Syrian civil society capacity to protect civilians from violence.

NP will be partnering with Madani, a Syrian civil society organization promoting a peaceful and democratic Syria and Cure Violence, a Chicago-based violence-reduction non-governmental organization.  Through this partnership we will train and support civilian protection and violence interruption programs. These programs will be locally-tailored to fit the context of up to 45 various locations.

Working in tandem with these organizations, NP will offer intensive training for Syrian civil society organizations and leaders across the entire political spectrum.

These trainings will be followed by ongoing support and consultation with the local Syrian groups, as plans are implemented in the areas they serve.  Periodically, we will bring people together to reflect on their experience, identify lessons learned, and strengthen relationships among each other.

Nonviolent Peaceforce believes that  a strong and active network of civil society organizations, working across political, religious, and ethnic boundaries, provides a foundation for a future pluralistic and peaceful Syria.  When appropriate and safe, we will consider sending in international unarmed civilian protectors to further this mission.

The project, scheduled to begin in April 2015, will last for three years.
While the EU project will cover operational costs, we need donations to help with the start up.  We will be sending a development team by the end of January. To help the Syria project get started right please donate to:



About Ian Bach

Independent Online Terrorist Hunter I teach people how to hunt down and shut down the Bad guys web sites. I also teach about the various countries and cultures. Like most cases it is a small group of bsd eggs that in this case call themselves Muslims but in actual fact they are more like how KKK call themselves ",True Christisians". But in both cases / groups they preach a perverted and twisted view a religion. In the case of ISIS, all Qaeda, al Nusra, and the rest of the terrorists who claim to be true Muslims most of these groups follow the Wahhabi teachings. They are almost all Sunni and their goal is global domination. Yet they must be very bad at math and history. Since most Muslims prefer a separation of church and state and also mist are against Shari's Law. Esp the twisted and overly exaggerated form of Sharia Law that the Wahhabi and other bad guys use. I have studied terrorism, insurgencies, and the best tried and proven methods that work to fight terrorism. My Blogs have many links and articles that can show you who are the best and most knowledgeable people in the fields or counterinsurgency and counter terrorism. When I find great practitioner's I always listen to them to find out who they learned from and who they respect and admire. Thus I am always learning new stuff from the best and most successful in their fields of knoeledge. I strive to be an open and ethical source of information, I have met many awesome, kind, caring, and loving wonderful people many who I am close friends with now from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Iran, and many from S.E. Asia which also has a high percent of their populations that are Muslim.We must always strive to be aware people are not any one particular religion via that's what they chose to be, instead most people are a particular religion because that's what their parents and/or county is. I was raised Catholic but because I became Interested in magic ,(illusion - smoke n mirrors) and science which lead me to study many religions, and I would call myself an atheist. Yet sometimes when I lose my keys ZI find myself praying "Hail Marys" and a few "Our Fathers" which most always aides me in finding my keys. My belief is that if I just frantically look around for my krys, good luck it takes me for ever. But by saying these prayers it is like s sort of meditation and my mind becomes more calm, which is why it helps my find my keys.

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