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The first American who joined the YPG fight against ISIS

He was the first American (that we know of) but not the last,, in fact there is the Canadian guys one of which formed a group to recruit more Canadians to join YPG. You have will not be paid you have to pay your own air fair go to Erbil then I imagine they do more training etc before deployment. They also have to bring $5,000 dollars but most of all this particular recruiter only requires military experience and all applicants are reviewed before accepted.

The Truth Behind Jordan Matson’s Military Career, The American Fighting ISIS With YPG

He is the American fighting alongside the YPG against ISIS, Jordan Matson, his story has been all over the news for the past couple of weeks. The 28-year-old Racine, Wis., man is recovering in a hospital  in northeastern Syria from a shrapnel wound in his foot, the result of a mortar attack by Islāmic State fighters in Jazaa, along the Iraqi border.

Jordan started making the news several weeks ago, news agencies cited him as being a former Marine, some a former Army reservist. So with all the questions, we decided to set the story straight on what was true and what was not.

From what we have seen Jordan himself has not made any outlandish claims, not sure where some of these agencies got their info that he was a Marine, because he wasn’t. He does say in one interview that he “retired” from the Army, but he didn’t retire. Here are some of the headlines that are going around the internet about Jordan:

he left the Army early for reasons we can’t discuss, this is just to set the record straight  since Main Stream Media likes to publish stories before verifying facts. Once again, this is just to verify Jordan’s military service, as far as we have seen he has not made any claims contrary to his record.

Below is one of the first interviews he did concerning his fighting alongside the YPG:


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2 comments on “The first American who joined the YPG fight against ISIS

  1. Dan
    February 19, 2015

    Would like info about joining the fight, please email tenthmtnman@outlook.com


    • Ian Bach
      February 28, 2015

      Hello Dan you need about 5,000 to join them. They do not pay money for fighters, but you will be feed and housed free with families. The first couple months you would be only in training. Then they take you to front lines that are relatively secure with good field of views and security. So they work you into it. The 5,000 helps pay for your weapons, armored vest, and other relative equipment. IF you are still interested let me know I can out you in contact with someone.


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