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ISIS Video in Kobani November 25, 2014

ISIS isid Kobani last operations Video 25.11.2014 …

The name of this users account? Turksoy TV? And people wonder why Turkey isn’t helping Kobani?

This is a typical propaganda Video by ISIS and it’s supporters they love to broadcast. They use to only be only in Arabic or other Middle Eastern languages. So this is the new improved version. English Subtitles!!! They do not quote Quran in this one (well background music maybe is someone singing the Quran sounds like it to me). It starts off they take some small buildings probably in a rural or farming area or a smaller villages (384 villages) that make up Kobani. Then they loot some buildings and burn stacks of tobacco leafs that was laid out in a room to dry, cartons of cigarettes and smashing a couple of alcohol bottles. During this they talk crap on Obama and Bush, then say they are going to make our women into o their slaves and kill all of us. (Wow high hopes indeed – maybe they are reaching a little too high). Then they go back show a little more footage of them with tanks Bazookas and RPGs. There was a LOT of very close calls. The bullets were snapping which means VERY close you could hear a ton of whizzes but still plenty of snaps. It would be interesting to know how many men they lost in this small battle.
In the video they call Kobani ayn al-islam. People who live there call it is ayn al-arab. They most likely have been using ayn al-islam for propaganda reasons. This video may go down in a few days or few months due to YouTube’s policies, but they are so flooded with this stuff most people do not report it to Goggle. But this video doesn’t have to much violence or gore. So it may actually stay up. I know of web sites and organizations that capture the worst kind of the videos and they translate them to English and Hebrew and probably a lot of other languages. One of the organizations had 3 founders who are ex Mossad. They send out the translated material to many Nations various Government agencies.
    – Ian Bach
This is maybe one of the bad guys accounts that they use. The reason I say that is there is no discussion and no about and no history of them posting comments at other places or this place, this is so they are less likely to get flagged. Here is link to their account

Be sure not to subscribe to their account, you do not want them to go after you and your friends online. They will but it would most likely be different accounts that they would use ones they don’t mind if the get cut off.

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