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Mayan Calendar – 2012 Doomsday ?

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Well like I had always suspected this is another of those nutty stories that some greedy slimy people, are using to make money……and helping to create dumber humans.

Any fan of space and science (not astrology, but astronomy) should be expected to understand that the world ending in 2012 is about as likely as a quick economic recovery.

Here is some good reading below I found at the above web site.

19-April-2003, 10:38 AM
From the dgruss23’s link above:

“Popular for the millennia prior to the 1830s, is the more obvious idea of catastrophism. Unfortunately it has been discounted by modern scientific techniques, which require processes to be recreated in a laboratory, or at least viewed in nature within a recent timeframe. The art of making educated guesses based on the physical remnants of ancient disasters is no longer acceptable.”

Seems when science doesn’t find the evidence to support claims, the believer of those claims rationalizes that the science is old, rigid, unwilling to look at the discoveries the believer thinks he/she has looked at. “Viewed in nature within a recent timeframe”? Does that mean more than 5 billion years ago? Certainly this guy isn’t counting the theory of how the Moon hit the Earth, several known mass extinctions, recurrent ice ages, supervolcanoes, or asteroid impacts. The fact that the evidence shows pole reversals to be benign must just be that scientists are unwilling to ‘believe’.

The myth of the Mayan calendar showing the world is re-created every 400 and how many or so years is one of those supposed ‘real’ things because the Mayan society was devastated by the European invasion about the same time as the predicted event.

But think about it. The world was not destroyed and recreated. Only the Mayan society. There is no evidence it happened 400 and however many years before Cortez or 400 and however many years before that. It’s an interesting story but it does not hold up to scrutney.

19-April-2003, 01:49 PM
Just a tiny nit-picking pet peeve- The mayan calander does NOT end in 2012. It just rolls over. Sure, the long count comes to an end, and the mayans believed many bad things might happen, BUT on December 22, 2012 a new long count begins. It’s very similar to what happened in 2000 in the gegorian calander (in more ways then one)

2012 is shaping up to be the next big end of the world (non) event. ::sigh::

And the bad news is we have 9 long years to listen to horse manure from people selling books, videos, blah blah blah ::double sigh::

19-April-2003, 03:43 PM
Oh man, I get the feeling we’re going to be hearing from ‘2012 Doomsayers’ for the next nine years 😦 It doesn’t help that the Mayan’s picture-writings leaves itself open to gross misinterpretation by those looking for impending doom.

Maybe we should get a jump on this right now. Does anyone live near a university with a Mayan archaelolgy department? Maybe we can ask a professor to give us a brief FAQ about 2012 to use in debunking the doomsayers that shall inevitably appear soon.

19-April-2003, 11:31 PM
Its a pretty remarkable calendar.

It’s an amazing Calendar.

One point that the 2012 people seem to leave out is that the longest unit of time in the mayan calendar (and I believe the longest unit of time in ANY calendar) is some 60 million years long, the alautun. Why have a unit of time that long if you thought the universe was gonna end in 2012???

Another thing they forget is that the mayans, and the aztecs, thought that all kinds of horrible things would happen, and the universe might end every 52 years unless certain rites were performed. Those rites haven’t been performed for 500 years and we are still here…

20-April-2003, 08:03 PM
I read the first article…and while I am impressed at the research and ingenuity of the Mayans, I do not think this heralds the end of the world.

As Rift pointed out, the calendar rolls over, not ends.

And besides, if there were any cataclysm that would strike the Mayans, it would be localised within their region.

The doomsayers of 2012 can rant and rave of what they want, but we ain’t dead yet from mythological disasters.

Perhaps on the solstice of 2012, I’ll look outside and watch the skies, but without a hardhat.


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One comment on “Mayan Calendar – 2012 Doomsday ?

  1. Patricia PZ
    May 9, 2009

    Hi Ian,
    I’m sure that when 2012 arrives and the looneys don’t like the weather, they will still blame it on Bush.


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