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What do Politicians say about Chemical Ali’s death penalty

Here is some articles from a the Kurdish News Organization PUKmedia in Kurdistan, Iraq. This is good news to see this guy get Justice, in his case his death doesn’t compare to the wounds he inflicted on Iraqi’s.

PUKmedia 13:36:11 2007-06-25
Politician’s view towards Chemical Ali’s execution and other criminals.
Dr. Fuad Masum, the chair of Kurdistan alliance list; said that: In addition to those were sentenced in the court, every person who had participated in Anfal operation should be trialed.Azad Berwary, the KDP polit-bureau member said:”my feelings are like the feelings of a wounded person who is treated brutally and his rights are turned back to him.”And wished to introduce Anfal as a genocide to the world.

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PUKmedia 2007-06-24 15:18:34
'Chemical Ali' Sentenced to Hang On Sunday, The Iraqi Supreme Court chaired by judge Mohamed Khalifa al-Uraibi after 59 sessions in the Anfal Case, issued its final verdict in the Anfal Case (or Spoils of War, taken from Surat al-Anfal in the Qur’an) in which 182 thousand Kurds were killed .The court found Ali Hassan al-Majid, or “Chemical Ali” Saddam’s cousin and the former head of the Baath Party’s Northern Bureau Command, Sultan Hashim former regime defense minister, Hussein Rashid al-Tikriti member of the former armed forces’ general command guilty of committing crimes against humanity. All three sentenced to death

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4 comments on “What do Politicians say about Chemical Ali’s death penalty

    June 25, 2007

    LIBS see this guy as a rock star, BUSH is the terrorist….RIGHT LIBS


  2. Anonymous
    June 25, 2007

    death only comes once in this life, maybe he will suffer for all eternity in the next


  3. Ian Bach
    June 25, 2007

    Yup it wwouldn’t supprise me if the liberals came up with some BS that GWB told saddam to kill the kurds (rolls eyes) ugh someone stop the liberals lol. maybe we need to give them a news paper? If they won’t read it then we can smack em in the head with the newspaper.


  4. Ian Bach
    June 25, 2007

    But I must say it is great (to know he will suffer in his afterlife) and to see the Iraqi government do something about those who killed kurds….finally the government is getting in gear. If we give them more time I am sure they will kick al-qaedas butt out of Iraq.


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