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IED detection

Several People have shown a great interest in this area so I have compiled the best resources I could find. I hope I can find more LOW TECH methods and will include same ASAP. If you have any ideas please send them to me.

Low Tech Detection Methods

Silly String used to detect trip wires? Cool idea!!!


R2087 Canine IED Detection and Human Scent Tracking
Technical Support Working Group (TSWG)
Combating Terrorism Technology Support Office (CTTSO)
BAA 05-Q-4782


The Office of the Vice President for Research Virginia Tech


(Looks like I wasn’t the only one to think about use of dogs!!! Dogs have 1,000 times greater smell then humans. When humans smell chicken soup we smell soup, when a dog smells chicken soup they smell every ingredient even the spices each individual one! We kill dogs every day by the thousands in shelters. We could determine which are best to detect bombs, deploying them to theaters of operation, training them, and implement a useful tool into our arsenal.)

High Tech and Low Tech

Special Operations Technology


Methods for IED reconnaissance and detection

Armor, Sept-Oct, 2004 by Christopher J. Shepherd

This is an interesting document but needs to be updated to include more methods of detection, and safer methods.


Xytrans is actively engaged in developing innovative solutions for IED Detection. Xytrans has leveraged our proven strengths in passive and active MMW sensor development and detection techniques, originally designed for the military, to provide innovative solutions to this very challenging problem.


Washington Post – Fighting Roadside Bombs: Low-Tech, High-Tech, Toy Box



My research has shown that most detection programs are focusing on High tech Solutions that take longer to create and implement. We should are learn to be resourceful and create low tech solutions that are easy and fast to implement. I will continue to try and find as many low tech methods and I will update this issue soon. Ian Bach

Update: 3-24-07

I am working to contact the silly sting lady and have her work on sending remote control 4 WD cars also!! A fun way to take out a IED. These won’t be too effective but may work to attract an insurgents attention thinking it may be more then a remote car? Also these range in price form $10-$50 for a decent 4WD vehicle. Attaching items to make them even more useful should be easy.

In other cases of battlefield improvisation in Iraq, U.S. soldiers have bolted scrap metal to Humvees in what has come to be known as “Hillbilly Armor.” Medics use tampons to plug bullet holes in the wounded until they can be patched up.


About Ian Bach

Independent Online Terrorist Hunter I teach people how to hunt down and shut down the Bad guys web sites. I also teach about the various countries and cultures. Like most cases it is a small group of bsd eggs that in this case call themselves Muslims but in actual fact they are more like how KKK call themselves ",True Christisians". But in both cases / groups they preach a perverted and twisted view a religion. In the case of ISIS, all Qaeda, al Nusra, and the rest of the terrorists who claim to be true Muslims most of these groups follow the Wahhabi teachings. They are almost all Sunni and their goal is global domination. Yet they must be very bad at math and history. Since most Muslims prefer a separation of church and state and also mist are against Shari's Law. Esp the twisted and overly exaggerated form of Sharia Law that the Wahhabi and other bad guys use. I have studied terrorism, insurgencies, and the best tried and proven methods that work to fight terrorism. My Blogs have many links and articles that can show you who are the best and most knowledgeable people in the fields or counterinsurgency and counter terrorism. When I find great practitioner's I always listen to them to find out who they learned from and who they respect and admire. Thus I am always learning new stuff from the best and most successful in their fields of knoeledge. I strive to be an open and ethical source of information, I have met many awesome, kind, caring, and loving wonderful people many who I am close friends with now from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Iran, and many from S.E. Asia which also has a high percent of their populations that are Muslim.We must always strive to be aware people are not any one particular religion via that's what they chose to be, instead most people are a particular religion because that's what their parents and/or county is. I was raised Catholic but because I became Interested in magic ,(illusion - smoke n mirrors) and science which lead me to study many religions, and I would call myself an atheist. Yet sometimes when I lose my keys ZI find myself praying "Hail Marys" and a few "Our Fathers" which most always aides me in finding my keys. My belief is that if I just frantically look around for my krys, good luck it takes me for ever. But by saying these prayers it is like s sort of meditation and my mind becomes more calm, which is why it helps my find my keys.

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  1. Ian Bach
    March 25, 2007

    Thanks for your support and involvemnt I will reseearch it ASAP, ty Ian Bach


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